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Developing Minds recognizes that every child possesses unique needs and tailors treatment for each child accordingly. Clinicians work closely with parents to develop an individualized treatment plan that guarantees success for every child based on their individual learning style. Our team of ABA therapists has extensive training in a wide range of evidence-based techniques, including the Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention, Pivotal Response Therapy, Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), and more.  Throughout the course of ABA therapy our team works with children to build critical developmental skills, such as communication, behavior, cognition, social skills, play skills, and to reduce challenging behaviors.  To meet the needs of children and their families, Developing Minds provides services in multiple settings, including in the client’s home, daycare and school.

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Our therapy  team consists of pediatric professionals with specialized training in applied behavioural analysis, speech pathology and occupational therapy.  Our goal is to help your child develop important functional skills and be successful in life.  Our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Behaviour Therapy staff provide individually tailored therapy services for children in the comfort of their home, school or daycare.  Research clearly shows that speech and aba therapy is more effective when provided in the child's natural learning environment where parents can also be involved to support in their child's treatment.  No preparation is required since our therapists come equipped with all the necessary materials for a fun, engaging and successful therapy experience.


Our treatment approach encourages active collaboration with the parents throughout the program. We believe that having a continuous ongoing communication between parents and therapists is important to monitor progress closely and achieve the best outcomes for the child. 

For further information feel free to contact us at: (416) 907-0431

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